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หาดใหญ่ - ตะรุเตา - หลีเป๊ะ 4 วัน 3 คืน

หาดใหญ่ - ตะรุเตา - หลีเป๊ะ 3 วัน 2 คืน

2 - 5 pax 6 - 9 pax 10 pax up
10,500 9,700 9,400
10,500 9,700 9,400

Koh Lipe ,Paradise on earth for 3 Days 2


Day Trips to Nearby Islands. Pirate Falls and Chado Cliff on Ko Adang, and the dense jungle on Koare recommended visits. 800 to 1,000 baht.

Kayaking. Rent a kayak from various spots on the beach and spend the day or two seeing the island reef.

Massages. There are plenty of places to get a massage, including an offshoot of the Wat Po massage located in the centre of the island. Also Castaway Resort has a lovely little spa with sea views.

Snorkelling. The calm, clear water makes the Ko Lipe area ideal for snorkelling, with 25% of the tropical fish species found in the area. There are large varieties of fish around the coral just 20 m off all of the beaches. Ko Lipe is surrounded by over 30 islands and hundreds of reefs all within easy reach of the island. Tarutao National Park is one of Asia’s oldest marine parks thus the reefs and the islands surrounding Ko Lipe are in very good condition. nowhere else on the Southeast Asian peninsula will you find so many excellent snorkel sites so easily reached. Day trips are available to other islands on the archipelago, including Koh Rawi and Koh Tong. On nearby Koh Adang, you can take a jungle hike to see pretty Pirate Falls and get a scenic lookout of Lipe from Chado Cliff (Viewpoint). Or, you can have lunch and meet some of the mischievous monkeys on Koh Tong. Rock marvel-Hin Sorn is a visually stunning island. Deep down in the water the large boulders provide shelter for juvenile, Nemo fish and soft coral. Then move to Koh Dong for snorkeling. Koh Hin-ngam by long-tail boat. This is unique in South Andaman Sea because is has stony beaches instead of sandy beaches. Most of the stones are black and have a unique pattern. Travelers often put these rocks in a pile to symbolize love, trust, understanding and balance. Head to Jabang watercourse, the depth is about 5 – 16 meters. However, most of the time the water is super clear so you can see the coral with your bare eyes from the surface. The submerged rock pinnacles are simply amazing with purple, pink and yellow soft corals covering the granite rocks. Next, we shall head to White Sand Beach on Koh Rawi in time for lunch. The sand is perfect for strolling on this long beach.Wonderful underwater Koh Yang and Ao Song to feel tremendous kinds of beautiful fish.

Freediving,   Freediving as a recognized activity has only been around for 100 years, but people have been practising diving deep without equipment for thousands of years.

Sailing,   Sailing around Ko Lipe and within the Butang Group is certainly the most chilled way to explore these natural gems. There are day sailing trips with snorkelling activities or liveaboard sailing cruises within the Butang Group or as far as Ko Tarutao National Marine Park. 1,500 to 6,000

Trash Hero Koh Adang, Pattaya Beach, [email protected] Come to Join in every Monday to locals and tourists alike keep the Adang archipelago free from ocean trash! The Trash Hero team have charged themselves to be the guardians of this wonderful area. Every Monday at 10:00am the Team meets under the walking street sign on Pattaya beach to go to various beaches around the archipelago and collect every last plastic bottle, old flip flop, degraded Styrofoam float, chip packet, shampoo bottle, etc. Until the beach is reverting back to it 's original state. Trash Hero is a non-profit organization supported by various local businesses on Koh Lipe, who help by providing boats, trash bags, food and drinks each week for the team each week. for free.

Shopping: The main tourist area downtown, Walking Street, has expanded into a whole network of paved lanes and footpaths. Most general stores carry standard tourist items. Convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops and bars have spread across the island and on all the beaches. There are a few places offering local handiwork.