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Ricci House Resort, Koh Lipe

For a truly luxurious vacation, stay in the comfort of the Ricci House Resort. The enchanting sanctuary offers beach, white powdered sand, crytal water and Andaman Sea breeze. The understated luxury of Ricci House Resort helps you enjoy the simple pleasures and you will be captivated by the charm of this tropical paradise. These 19 garden bungalows in southern style of thailand are situated in the center point of Koh lipe, Satun (Maldives Thailand).

Just a short walk to walking street and steps away in shortly time to Sunrise Beach. They are spacious 28 sq-m including the comfortable facilities, terrace and chair-bed that you can lie down in the shadow after tried from sunbath.

How to reach us :

Koh lipe is a small island in the southern part of the Thai Andaman Sea . It is famous for it’s white sandy beaches, crystal water and abundant marine life.

By Plane :

There are several daily flight services from Bangkok to to Trang or Hadyai International Airport together with transferred on minivan from Airport 250 Baht one- way and ferry or speed boat costs 650 Baht one- way to Koh Lipe. This can be booked directly from their website.

By Boat :

The following companies operate boats in the whole year : Pakbara Pier to Koh Lipe

  • The speedboat operates three daily speedboats whole year leaving Pak Bara at 09:30, 11:30, speedboats stop at Ko Tarutao or Ko Bulone. The journey from Pak Bara takes 90 minutes and costs 650 baht one-way, 1,200 baht round trip. If you book directly in Our resort, then it will cost 500 baht plus 20 baht entrance fee. Note: the boats stop in open water pier at Pattaya beach and 70 baht must be paid for a water taxi to reach the coast. The boats leave Ko Lipe at 09:30, 11:00, and 13:30 and 16.00 for the return trip.
  • The speedboat companies also operate a daily boat from Ko Lanta, leaving at 13:00 and stopping at Ko Ngai, Ko Muk, Ko Bulone, before reaching Ko Lipe at 16:00. The boat leaves Ko Lipe at 09:00 for the return trip. The company offers transfers to this boat from Phuket. Another choice you can take a ferry Hat Yao Pier in Trang, leaving Ko Lipe at 10:00 and arriving in Trang at 12:30. The trip costs 750 baht. The company offers continuing boat service to Ko Lanta (1,500 baht total, arrives 15:30), and Phi Phi (1,800 baht total, ) For the journey to Ko Lipe, the boats leave Phi Phi at 08:00 and arrive in Ko Lipe at 15:30. It will be arriving to Koh Lipe 17.00 PM.
  • The company also operates two daily speedboats from Telaga Terminal Marina in Langkawi,Malaysia, 42 km from Ko Lipe. These boats dock at the south end of Pattaya Beach. The boats leave Langkawi at 09:30 and 14:30 for the 60 minute journey, costing approximately 120 ringgit. The boats leave Ko Lipe for the return journey at 10:30 and 16:30.
  • The Ferry company operates ferries from Koh Lipe to Langkawi (Kuah jetty, Telega Harbour Terminal) twice per day during the high season at 11am and 4pm from Koh Lipe and 9.30am and 2.30pm from Langkawi. During the low season, from April 20th 2015 to the 19th of May 2015, the company only has morning trips. After the 19th of May 2015, the ferry stops running until October 2015. Price is RM118 one way, including the longtail boat transfer and Thai custom fee. Registration 90 minutes before departure at the Boat company office check in which located at Pattaya Beach . The trip takes 90 minutes. Arrival in Langkawi is at Jetty Point in Kuah or Telega Harbour terminal .

Ferries are met by long-tail boats offering transfers to anywhere on Ko Lipe for an additional 50 baht/person (non-negotiable).

Health and Safety tip: Speedboats can often bounce off the waves at very high speeds and passengers can get quite strong jolts into the non-sprung seats, so persons with back or neck problems should not travel on the speedboats, but on the ferry. There have been reports of serious back injuries happening on the speedboats.